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domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Hello everyone! I'm in Manchester Picadilly right now, spending the weekend visiting my best friend. I'm really liking it here, all that stuff people had told me about Manchester wasn´t pretty is completely mistaken. I like it very, very much. We're in a student flat, sharing it with some other friends; it is really fun when we all meet together in the sitting room and while one cooks, the other puts music or shows random videos to the rest of us. I'm really having a good time here.
Yesterday my friend and I went shopping in the morning (after buying delicious coffee and a milkshake that tasted like liquid brownie... ÑAM!), I bought such a beautiful black hat with some red feathers on the left side and a black blazer really cool, which I'm sure I'm gonna use a lot; I also bought some Xmas presents. Afterwards, we went to a Teashop in which we ordered some kind of peculiar poppy and white chocolate cake and a rosebud tea which actually brought real rosebuds in it and you had to wait for like...5min to serve it. It was the "nicest" tea time ever. To end up the day we went to the cinema to watch "Sherlock Holmes" the second part......en fin, no tengo palabras en inglés: ME CHIFLÓ!! segundas partes nunca fueron buenas? Hasta ahora. Please everyone go watch it when it comes out in Spain.
Well I'm planning my day right now so I'm not sure of what we are gonna do today, but it seems (as it's sunny although it's f*cking cold) that we might buy another coffee and go see what we found out there (here in Manchester stores don't close on sundays). And then I should study a bit, I'm afraid.
I will upload some pictures tomorrow when I get home, meanwhile I leave you here this advert I watched and which I found "marvelous".

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